November 14, 2016

Closing Results and A New Opportunity

Photos taken by Valerie Pyke

Once again the very special event, Shopping From The Heart was a great success. This year was the event’s sixth year, held again at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire. With a grand total of just under $5000 going to the three charities, I was thrilled to donate a $1350 check to the three foundations; Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation (NICU) and the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation (Maternity Ward).

It is wonderful to know that in just a few short hours with great friends, colleagues and brands, we managed to pool together and truly make a difference in the lives of mothers and children in need of the foundations we are supporting. With close to 40 women in business, the mood was infectiously positive and happy. Not only did the vendors come as businesswomen with their own products and services (with a raffle prize each), they also added to the total proceeds by purchasing tickets throughout the night, showing just how dedicated and passionate they are about giving back.

A new addition this year was the tables hosted by our children. They wanted to make more of a difference this year, and so they offered their artwork in exchange for donations to SFTH2016. As well, my boys sold items from Free The Children as an additional donation to a good cause. It was wonderful to see the intention made my children and the children of the volunteers.

The talents of so many wonderful people made the event successful. Thank you to all the local businesses that supported the event with raffle prizes and silent auction donations. A special thank you to my two volunteers, Pauline Fakhri-Deep and Bita Guzmán. Both were incredible help for me before and during the event. And I am happy to announce that they will both be helping again moving forward.

Moving Forward 

Shopping From The Heart has been a labor of love for me. It started out as a small idea; one that I hoped would grow. And while it has grown each year, I felt that there needed to be a change to make it bigger and better moving forward. To be honest, I have asked others, looked for advice and even considered taking a year off, unsure that I could make the event more successful on my own. And just as I was about to stop, I was approached by the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. Seeing the efforts and results that SFTH has brought to them, they graciously invited me to partner with them exclusively. It was a difficult decision to move away from two other foundations that I hold dear, but it needed to be done. I hope to donate in other ways to the RVHF and the MCHF since they are significant to so many families in Montreal.

What This Means

Partnering exclusively with the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation made sense in many ways. First and foremost, they are the closest foundation geographically to the women in business that attend the event, as well as the event itself. Second, having a partner in the LGHF means that the event will take on new life with much more help outside. The foundation has many corporate sponsors and partners that will be ready to help in our efforts for our charity event. Visibility will be greater, and more connections will be made.

Change Is Coming 

This year’s event is proving to be one that will change your idea of SFTH. I have been listening to many vendors, past and present, as well as attendees that have supported the event from the start. This year, all those suggestions and comments will be put into place with a new and improved event. While these changes are all still in the works, what I can share with you is that the event will be more creative and inspiring and will encompass a women’s event with pampering galore. Vendors will be notified much sooner on the date and details to ensure everything is organized and announced early. I look forward to working closely with the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation in making this event very special!
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April 27, 2016

Another Amazing Evening Planned!

We hope you are ready for an incredible evening tomorrow, Montreal.
We have a fantastic group of women participating this year and you will be so excited when you see the list of raffle prizes and silent auction donations.
On top of that, we have photographer, Valerie Pyke, taking head shots for our entrepreneurs and selfies for all, a sweet table provided by Darleen Chicoine of Les Délices Chic, chair massages and energy healing readings with crystals by Jessica Romano of Integrated Healing Arts, and for the first 75 attendees a grab bag provides by Montreal Families, Il Biscotto Montreal, Nature’s Path and!

Get ready to shop your heart out!
For details, visit the Event Details page above.

A demain!
Julia & Pauline

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Making An Impact with #SFTH2016

I’ve been having a difficult time putting a different spin on my charity event for a new and updated blog post. I pretty much wrote everything last year, I thought. 

And then it came spontaneously all on its own.

When I began this little venture to raise awareness for women in business and give back to children’s hospitals, I didn’t know what it would lead to.

And even before that, I never dreamed my blog would lead to the charity event and all that it has created thus far.

So when I think of what has been accomplished in a six year period, I’m truly proud. But I think this might be the year I am the most proud.

To read the rest of this post, please visit 

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March 11, 2015

What It Really Means To Give Back

We hear it all the time. 

We like it on social media, we share stories of it, and we know it is a positive thing in life. Giving back and doing social good is something we all innately want in our lives in some way. But how do we do it?

Spring always summons up these feelings. The snow is melting, birds are singing, the sun shines earlier in the day, flowers are just about ready to creep up from the cold earth. It all makes us excited with anticipation for the time when we will be outside, without a clunky coat, our winter boots and enjoying the fresh air more. And what will we do with our time?

We dream of weekend getaways, long drives with no care in the world, windows down, sunglasses on. We start to plan summer camp, even summer holidays, and think of the days when school will be over and we can relax in the summer sun. But for some, those days are few and far between. 

Right now, I know a lot of moms in their last trimester, eager for the arrival of their spring/summer babies. And for the very fortunate, moms will deliver their healthy, happy babies and go home shortly after. Some, however, will have far more difficult pregnancies, requiring them to stay before delivery on bedrest, and after delivery for a longer recovery. Some mothers will spend sleepless nights visiting the NICU, waiting for their babies to grow more and stabilize in their health.

Other mothers might be spending nights watching over older children, in hospitals, tending to their needs as best they can.

Moms and Dads have one universal desire; to see their children grow and thrive.

So while some of us are dreaming of summer vacations, others are dreaming of just getting home, safe, healthy, and together.

THIS is why I continue to gather mothers in business for one night every year. Shopping From The Heart is now in its fifth year, and we will again be raising money for the three hospitals that have helped my children, and perhaps your children, to grow and thrive.

For more information, please visit the Event Details page. If you are not able to attend this awesome Montreal event, please consider a donation, in honor of all the moms and dads and children in need of your support.

Thank you.

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February 22, 2015

This site is currently being renovated

Please note:
A new and fabulous site is in the process of being finished for this year's 5th anniversary event, May 5th, 2015.

If you would like further information on this event, if you would like to be a sponsor or a vendor please contact Julia at julia(at)askmamamoe(dot)com thank you!

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May 02, 2014

Multitasking Done Incredibly Right #SFTH14

In just a handful of days, SFTH14 will take place at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire again. To say that I am amazed by the outpour of participation, donations, sponsorships and word of mouth would be an understatement.

Just when I thought it might not be possible to get everything together again, it did, bigger and better than last year!

If you are coming to SFTH14 as a returning vendor or attendee, you know just how much crazy fun there is to be had in this three hour extravaganza.

To the new vendors and new attendees...get ready! You could not pick a better year to get on board.

I don't think there is a woman alive that is not a multitasker. Well SFTH14 is showcasing the power of women multitasking in an awesome way:

- Have a great night out with friends
- Shop through 40+ entrepreneurs with amazing products/services
- Donate to the three charities supporting children through your raffle tickets and the silent auction

Amazing Perks! 
The first 100 attendees will be given a great reusable bag with some goodies inside, courtesy of Ask Mama MOE, Baby Gourmet, Montreal Families and Perfect for your shopping night *wink, wink*.

Prana Massotherapie is coming with two massage chairs and one massage table to give FREE massages! To find out more about their center and all their services, please click their logo on the sidebar.

Gourmet Berries

This year, not one, not two, but three women in business are donating to an incredible sweet table! Mini cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons...all waiting for you to try. To find out more about them click on their links: 

Our incredible SFTH photographer, Valerie Pyke will be there again this year with a photo booth! Oh, and she is also giving a photo session away in our silent auction, which you will want to bid on, she is amazing!

Jennifer Harris of JHMakeup will be on hand to do touch-ups to your gorgeous faces before you get your picture taken.

See how much fun it is to take a group shot?!

Silent Auction and Raffle Prizes
On the left sidebars you will see just how many amazing vendors and sponsors have joined in this fabulous event. But in order to get you real excited (and bring your pocketbooks ready for shopping) here is a list of some of the incredible silent auction prizes:
  • A brand spanking new Galaxy S5 smart phone from TELUS
  • Two tickets to the sold out Montreal Jazz Festical performance of Michael Bublé from Evenko
  • A spa package from Samuel Augustin & West Spa
  • Two ultimate toy packages from Jouets Choo-Choo 
  • A B-Bip balance bike by Mamma Cangura
  • A Laugh Package from the Comedy Nest 
and MORE!

And this year, raffle prizes have hit the roof! Not only is every vendor giving a raffle prize for the night, but we have other incredible prizes from Giant Tiger, Ford, Hallmark, Montreal Families, Adult Essentials,,,, Amanda Elias, Teddy Bear Loft, The Royal Canadian Mint...and MORE!

I'm not kidding. 

I will just be giving away stuff all night and I can't wait! 

To learn about all the amazing brands, click on their logos in the sidebar.

Social Media Spreading The Word 
As you may have seen, Shopping From The Heart is really buzzing around in the social networks. Local businesses are mentioning the event often on Twitter and the Facebook page for the event has been getting a great amount of hits. I'm very happy to hear all the buzz from the Montreal Families write-up and the work that the vendors and myself are doing. I sincerely hope this means that there will be a fantastic turn out for the evening and I look forward to meeting some of you in person that I have only met on Twitter.

There is no better place to shop for Mother's Day this year. Supporting local women in business, helping three Montreal hospitals for mothers and children...all while having a really fun time!

See you soon!

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March 05, 2014

Last Year’s Successes: Double-Double

(Clockwise, L-R) @Amberzcorner, @pamperedpatty, @CanadianMomEh @Mtl_marty, @OlfaTurki2, @AskMamaMOE, @Montreal_mom (Photo by Valerie Pyke Photography)

It’s hard to believe a whole year has almost passed since the great Shopping From The Heart event. To say the third year was bigger and better is an understatement.  The event took place in a new venue, The Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire, and that alone brought more people to the event. How many more? Double from the previous year.

It was double of everything, really; double the attendees, double the vendors, double the fun and most importantly, double the proceeds for charity!

Actually, the proceeds for charity MORE than doubled, with a grand total of just under $5000 going to the three charities. I was thrilled to tally up everything and know that in just a few short hours with great friends, colleagues and brands, we managed to pool together and truly make a difference in the lives of mothers and children in need of the foundations we are supporting.

With 40 women in business, the mood was infectiously positive and happy. These ladies were on fire! Not only did they come as businesswomen with their own products and services (and a raffle prize each), they also added to the total proceeds by purchasing tickets throughout the night.

With a silent auction addition, we had amazing brands such donate a dozen incredible prizes. This alone brought in nearly a fourth of the proceeds.

The talents of so many wonderful people made the night highly enjoyable and successful. The support of the community in various media also helped so much to get the word out.

This has been a labor of love for me. It started out as a small idea; one that I hoped would grow. And grow, it has.

Somehow, I manage to pull it all together! I have taken it on as a challenge now, to keep growing. Who will support this cause? How many people will attend? What incredible women entrepreneurs will showcase their products and services? It’s always a wonderful surprise, and one that I’m working on right now for this May. Some great surprises are in the works.

To the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire for hosting the event, thank you for bringing this event to the next level.

To the volunteers/friends that helped me to prepare the evening, especially Angela, Christine and Sam, thank you so much. I could not have had the night run so smoothly without you.

To the fabulous women in business that came out and showed us all what you are made of – your passion and drive is what catapults this event each year!

And to my most incredible supporter, the one who always said I could do it, the one who suggested the new venue, as well as a tons of other great things that were implemented over the years, to my number one fan, my mom. Thank you for always believing in me, and for showing me all my life that giving back is one of the greatest rewards of all.

This year's event will take place May 7th at 7pm again at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire. For any and all information on Shopping From The Heart, keep visiting this blog. You can also follow the hasthag, #SFTH14 on Twitter, and like the Facebook page
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May 08, 2013

Who Is Ready For #SFTH13 ?

The delicious Bites of Sweetness will be providing yummy treats for the night!

I am ready! (almost!!)

My friends, this has been an incredible month of preparation.

The event has literally doubled in size!!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see such wonderful women in business coming together, as well as fantastic companies and businesses sponsoring this great event.

With their help we have over 40 raffle prizes to be handed out, as well as over a dozen silent auction gifts to bid on! In addition to this, there will be a very cool feature for all the yummy restaurants that have donated certificates, massage chairs, a photo booth, a makeup artist, amazing treats from Bites of Sweetness and the wonderful singer, Meg Rose Smith.

The first 100 attendees will have a special gift waiting for them too!

I am looking forward to shopping through the night to support the women representing their products and services. I already have a list of items I can’t wait to pick up for my mother, friends and family.

The word has been spreading about this event and I am anxious to see everyone tomorrow night! Hope to see YOU there too!!


PS If you would like to read why I do this event, click here.
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April 06, 2013

The Big News...So Far!

Well, my friends, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the 2013 Shopping From The Heart event to take place!
You are going to be blown away by the unique and varied talents coming this year. These women have passion! I can’t wait for us all to be together for this very special evening!

Aside from having an incredible venue in Holiday Inn Pointe Claire to look forward to, there are some incredible extra amazing things happening throughout the night!
Ashton Wellness has graciously accepted coming back this year to give chair massages. I know this is a favourite to attendees and I am thrilled they are returning!

The fabulous photographer, Valerie Pyke, is coming back as well but this time...with a photo booth! That’s right! A photo booth will be set up, with props, to take pictures of you! I am really excited about this because it will be a fun memory of the night and Valerie makes everyone look amazing!
Speaking of looking amazing, makeup artist, Jennifer Harris will be there as well to do your makeup touch ups before getting your photo taken. How amazing it that?!

And if that wasn’t enough, here is even bigger news: this year, SFTH will have a live performance from up and coming artist, Meg Rose Smith! This lady has a beautiful voice and she is just sweet as pie. Of her own kind heart, Meg Rose Smith has accepted singing for us the night of the event! The moment I heard her, I knew she was a star. And what better way to celebrate a night of women in business than with a young woman who will be rising to the top? You don’t have to wait until the event to hear her voice, here is a song she wrote herself (that my kids already sing at home and are totally star struck):

Be sure to visit Meg's site for all her videos and a link to her album on iTunes!

More exciting news to come soon!
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February 20, 2013

2012 Follow-Up

I am happy to report that the 2012 Shopping From The Heart event took place with a great turn out and everyone who attended had a fabulous night!

It was such a good feeling to say in the microphone that this was the second Shopping From The Heart event! It really made things more concrete for me, and excited for all that this event can and will do!  

The 22 women entrepreneurs that presented their products and services created the most beautiful tables with their displays. The variety of products and services that were together in one room made for a very interesting networking event. All the vendors that came are very passionate about their businesses and it really shined through during the evening! There was truly something for everyone and connecting with such a wide range of talented people in one evening was exciting!  

On Friday evening, May 4th, 2012, we managed to attract well over 100 people to the event with all the advertising, flyers and social networking mentions. I was so touched to have Bureau En Gros on Brunswick Boulevard sponsor the posters and flyers this year. It gave an added advantage from last year. As well, I found that the vendors made a great effort to get the word out. The YouTube video was shared through Facebook and Twitter often. Another great effort was made by one vendor by adding the flyer as an insert with her mailing catalogues – very innovative! All of these things help to gain exposure. 

As well, The Lakeshore Hospital Foundation and the Montreal Children’s Foundation both posted the blog link to their Facebook sites. The Lakeshore Foundation even created their own press release for their site that was also delivered to their complete mailing list. Ms. Kim-Tien Nyuen from MCHF came and spoke briefly saying how grateful she was and how these funds will help those who truly need it, the children. 

In just two and a half hours, we managed to raise $1305.00 which will be shared among the three children's charities! This week I will be bringing the proceeds to the three hospitals. Follow-ups to come. 

All in all, the vendors were happy, the guests were thrilled and everyone loved the raffle prizes(did they ever love the raffle prizes!!), yummy treats.  

Photographer extraordinaire, Valerie Pyke, graciously took photos of the event and more will arrive shortly.

A big thank you to you all - you helped make a difference with Shopping From The Heart!!
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May 03, 2012

See you at 7!

It's finally here!
Less than 24 hours away and we will all be together to celebrate, network and support three amazing children's charities!
I am very proud of what has become a very large project and I hope that tomorrow night is a huge success! It would give me such pleasure to give back in a BIG way to the three hospitals that have supported my children, as well as countless others. So tonight, after doing some finishing touches, last tweets and e-mails, I will say a prayer. A prayer for the night, a prayer for its success, and most importantly, for the children we will somehow help with the raffle proceeds of the evening.

Looking forward to meeting you all and having a fantastic night!

A demain,
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Tupperware will be at SFTH

I remember when my mother would have Tupperware parties in the home. I was little I know, and my mother still has some of those Tupperware items! It just goes to show how long they last! As the decades passed, Tupperware’s line has grown with amazing new items as well as the old standards.
One of you will be winning a Tupperware raffle prize! It’ll be perfect for organizing and preserving food as summer rolls in. Be sure to check out Tupperware’s table for all the latest and greatest products!
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PartyLite Showing at SFTH

I have been putting off restocking in tea light candles because I know Filomena Fazio from PartyLite is coming to Shopping From The Heart. I can’t wait to see what she has to show us all. I had a browse through the catalogue and online site, and there are some beautiful pieces to decorate your home! Here is my favourite:

It would make such a nice centerpiece and I love that you can change it to whatever you want, as often as you want. What a great Mother’s Day present that would make (hint, hint!). Come by and see what Filomena has and one of you will be winning a raffle prize from PartyLite as well!
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May 02, 2012

Pointe Claire Village Helping Out

Have you been to the Pointe Claire Village lately? It’s changed a lot and for the better. Aside from their new grocery store (with its amazing outside mural), there are some local businesses that are making quite a stir.

K8 Jewelry
Professional goldsmith and silversmith, Kate Hubley, has opened her glam boutique in the heart of the Pointe-Claire Plaza. Custom jewelry is her forte, with unique designs and surprising inspirations. Her pieces have a real spunk to them, with star quality.

Her keepsake jewelry is a wonderful Mother’s Day present. Taken from a poster-size painting, the art is sized down and placed in a beautiful sterling silver pendant. With lots of choices for size, style, and pieces per jewelry, making a keepsake is truly as personal as the art displayed in the jewelry. Another great project that includes kids even more is Kate’s jewelry workshops. Children create a small art mold, and then the pieces are turned into a silver charm for any type of jewelry for mama. How special is that?
Kate will be displaying her works this Friday at Shopping From The Heart and one of you will be winning a raffle prize from her! For more information on K8 Jewelry, click here.

Boutique J’Adore
A gorgeous bridal boutique has opened up in the Pointe Claire Village called, appropriately J'Adore. Owner Kathleen Higgins has created a feminine and intimate boutique, just the right size for all the women in a bride's wedding party to come and get everything they need. The boutique is divided into two areas, one for the bride to try on gowns to her heart’s content, the other for accessories, shoes, and gowns for all the other ladies. J'Adore even carries favors for the wedding guests.

Not getting married? J’Adore is also a perfect spot for prom dresses and formal eveningwear.

Kathleen has been kind enough to donate a $100 certificate to go towards a pair of shoes! I know this is going to be a great prize for someone Friday night! For more information on Boutique J’Adore, click here.
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Grand Prize Announcement

I think it is safe to say that any one of us, no matter what our situation or status, would love a mini getaway. For some of us, probably most of us, it may not be possible right now; there’s work, school, kids, major planning, major costs. Well, the good people over at Holiday Inn have given you an opportunity of a lifetime: a one night stay and breakfast for two at the newly renovated Holiday Inn at 6700 Trans Canada, Pointe Claire! Imagine winning this special retreat! Here are some photos to entice you:

What a fantastic getaway! A night away in a beautiful hotel, right in the heart of the West Island. What could be better? A special thank you goes out to David Raymond, Corporate Senior Sales Manager at Holiday Inn who was so generous with his time. Holiday Inn was more than happy to participate in this event. I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day there with Holiday Inn's amazing brunch buffet. Maybe one of you will be too! Remember, all raffle ticket proceeds are going to a great cause. Be sure to load up on your raffle tickets Friday night and you could be the grand prize winner! To see more pictures and find out more about Holiday Inn’s $20 million renovation, click here.
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