Proceeds from #SFTHmtl go to the Lakeshore Hospital Foundation

#SFTHmtl LIVE Broadcast

Here is a look at our successful event that took place May 10th, 2018 at the Hampton Inn and Suites (Dorval). We had an amazing turnout, fantastic vendors and sponsors, the one and only Donna Saker of The Beat 92.5FM and SO MUCH FUN.

Have a look:

Photo courtesy of Tina of Kreative Memories Photography.
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On Air for #SFTHmtl with The Jewel 106.7 FM

Did you catch the segment on The Jewel ? Ted Bird asked me why I do this event. Have a listen:

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Segment on Breakfast Television for #SFTHmtl

A big thank you to Breakfast Television Montreal and Elias Makos for having Julia a.k.a. Mama MOE on the BT couch!
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We Have Magical News!

We are beyond excited for our raffle on May 10th, and there are so many more fantastic donations coming in. Keep checking here for more news. This year will be full of surprises!

We are gathering all the amazing donations now and welcoming new and returning women in business for this wonderful celebration of our community.

We are grateful that the lovely Donna Saker will be back to MC the event! She is a delight and had the guests pumped last year.

Mama MOE went to pay her a visit at TheBeat 92.5 studio in downtown Montreal:

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Closing and Results for #SFTH2017

When you have so many amazing people to thank, it’s hard to know where to start.

All the work and energy that was placed into making #SFTH2017 happen was phenomenal. The brands, companies, small businesses, attendees, volunteers and children made this event change into a bigger and better experience.

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Live from #SFTH2017

What a fantastic community we have!

If you were unable to make it to Shopping From The Heart last year, here is a live broadcast from the big night! My apologies for missing two vendors who were busy with customers while I was filming. We will be filming again this year, so stay tuned!

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What Is It Like To Model For the First Time?

In an effort to spotlight the mama volunteers that took a leap of faith and did something out of their comfort zone, we made a little video:

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With Change, Help Is Needed

It's amazing how sometimes we can take for granted what we have available to us. But when you are faced with massive changes, everything becomes much clearer.

"In all these instances, my family, my life, changed. In all these moments, I was in this hospital. I am grateful for the walls that held us, the staff that supported us, and the equipment that was there to help us."

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A New and Improved Event: #SFTH2017

This is the time of year that I get to reach out to all my favourite companies and learn about new companies growing in the community.

And you know what? This community is amazing. What I mean by community is not just the neighbours and local businesses. My community is a collective of people that do good.

When I call up a company I’ve connected with over the year and see if they can participate in SFTH and they have an automatic yes, these are good people. There are so many good people out there, and I just love getting a bunch of them together for one awesome event!

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Closing Results and A New Opportunity

Once again the very special event, Shopping From The Heart was a great success. This year was the event’s sixth year, held again at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire. With a grand total of just under $5000 going to the three charities, I was thrilled to donate a $1350 check to the three foundations; Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation (NICU) and the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation (Maternity Ward).

It is wonderful to know that in just a few short hours with great friends, colleagues and brands, we managed to pool together and truly make a difference in the lives of mothers and children in need of the foundations we are supporting. With close to 40 women in business, the mood was infectiously positive and happy. Not only did the vendors come as businesswomen with their own products and services (with a raffle prize each), they also added to the total proceeds by purchasing tickets throughout the night, showing just how dedicated and passionate they are about giving back.

A new addition this year was the tables hosted by our children. They wanted to make more of a difference this year, and so they offered their artwork in exchange for donations to SFTH2016. As well, my boys sold items from Free The Children as an additional donation to a good cause. It was wonderful to see the intention made my children and the children of the volunteers.

The talents of so many wonderful people made the event successful. Thank you to all the local businesses that supported the event with raffle prizes and silent auction donations. A special thank you to my two volunteers, Pauline Fakhri-Deep and Bita Guzmán. Both were incredible help for me before and during the event. And I am happy to announce that they will both be helping again moving forward.

Moving Forward 

Shopping From The Heart has been a labor of love for me. It started out as a small idea; one that I hoped would grow. And while it has grown each year, I felt that there needed to be a change to make it bigger and better moving forward. To be honest, I have asked others, looked for advice and even considered taking a year off, unsure that I could make the event more successful on my own. And just as I was about to stop, I was approached by the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. Seeing the efforts and results that SFTH has brought to them, they graciously invited me to partner with them exclusively. It was a difficult decision to move away from two other foundations that I hold dear, but it needed to be done. I hope to donate in other ways to the RVHF and the MCHF since they are significant to so many families in Montreal.

What This Means

Partnering exclusively with the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation made sense in many ways. First and foremost, they are the closest foundation geographically to the women in business that attend the event, as well as the event itself. Second, having a partner in the LGHF means that the event will take on new life with much more help outside. The foundation has many corporate sponsors and partners that will be ready to help in our efforts for our charity event. Visibility will be greater, and more connections will be made.

Change Is Coming 

This year’s event is proving to be one that will change your idea of SFTH. I have been listening to many vendors, past and present, as well as attendees that have supported the event from the start. This year, all those suggestions and comments will be put into place with a new and improved event. While these changes are all still in the works, what I can share with you is that the event will be more creative and inspiring and will encompass a women’s event with pampering galore. Vendors will be notified much sooner on the date and details to ensure everything is organized and announced early. I look forward to working closely with the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation in making this event very special!

Photos taken by Valerie Pyke
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