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A Week Can Bring A Lot of Great News!

Happy holidays to everyone! Hope you had a restful and wonderful time with those closest to you!

Sorry for my late post, aside from the holiday break, I have been very busy coordinating this wonderful event!

Last week I received an amazing surprise from one of our newest sponsors, Jouets Choo Choo. Not only did they come through and donate a raffle prize from their amazing toy store on St. John's, but they donated....several prizes! Playmobil, Thomas the Train, and lots of other amazing brands will now be yours to win at Shopping From The Heart on May 12th, 2011! A big thank you to the managers, Vanessa and Ari who put together all these amazing gifts for lots of lucky women! These winning prizes will be good not only for moms, but for anyone who is expecting to purchase birthday gifts for little ones coming up.

Visit their website for shop online at

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