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Last Year’s Successes: Double-Double

(Clockwise, L-R) @Amberzcorner, @pamperedpatty, @CanadianMomEh @Mtl_marty, @OlfaTurki2, @AskMamaMOE, @Montreal_mom (Photo by Valerie Pyke Photography)

It’s hard to believe a whole year has almost passed since the great Shopping From The Heart event. To say the third year was bigger and better is an understatement.  The event took place in a new venue, The Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire, and that alone brought more people to the event. How many more? Double from the previous year.

It was double of everything, really; double the attendees, double the vendors, double the fun and most importantly, double the proceeds for charity!

Actually, the proceeds for charity MORE than doubled, with a grand total of just under $5000 going to the three charities. I was thrilled to tally up everything and know that in just a few short hours with great friends, colleagues and brands, we managed to pool together and truly make a difference in the lives of mothers and children in need of the foundations we are supporting.

With 40 women in business, the mood was infectiously positive and happy. These ladies were on fire! Not only did they come as businesswomen with their own products and services (and a raffle prize each), they also added to the total proceeds by purchasing tickets throughout the night.

With a silent auction addition, we had amazing brands such donate a dozen incredible prizes. This alone brought in nearly a fourth of the proceeds.

The talents of so many wonderful people made the night highly enjoyable and successful. The support of the community in various media also helped so much to get the word out.

This has been a labor of love for me. It started out as a small idea; one that I hoped would grow. And grow, it has.

Somehow, I manage to pull it all together! I have taken it on as a challenge now, to keep growing. Who will support this cause? How many people will attend? What incredible women entrepreneurs will showcase their products and services? It’s always a wonderful surprise, and one that I’m working on right now for this May. Some great surprises are in the works.

To the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire for hosting the event, thank you for bringing this event to the next level.

To the volunteers/friends that helped me to prepare the evening, especially Angela, Christine and Sam, thank you so much. I could not have had the night run so smoothly without you.

To the fabulous women in business that came out and showed us all what you are made of – your passion and drive is what catapults this event each year!

And to my most incredible supporter, the one who always said I could do it, the one who suggested the new venue, as well as a tons of other great things that were implemented over the years, to my number one fan, my mom. Thank you for always believing in me, and for showing me all my life that giving back is one of the greatest rewards of all.

This year's event will take place May 7th at 7pm again at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire. For any and all information on Shopping From The Heart, keep visiting this blog. You can also follow the hasthag, #SFTH14 on Twitter, and like the Facebook page

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